Design Systems are glorious, shining examples of an organization’s design maturity. They provide consistent and proven experiences all while making designers, engineers, and teams more efficient.

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This is all true and the shining light that has been put on Design Systems the last few years makes it a high priority goal for companies and teams. It is easy to learn about the best design systems out there, dig into their documentation, explore components, and bask in their beauty.

It is also easy to think this level/maturity of the Design System is what you, your team, or your company needs. In reality, most of you/us don’t work for a company like Google, IBM, or Shopify. …

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The Intro

Few things in our careers stick out to us and usually, those are the most powerful moments. My first screen reader usability testing sessions are still vivid years later. It was an embarrassingly long period into my career before I was on a project with enough budget and backing for proper accessibility focused usability testing. I was excited and nervous and honestly didn’t really know what to expect. It left enough of an impression that I still think about it and tell the story regularly several years later.

The Build-Up

This project was a long, complicated, and extremely important form. Important enough that just the name of it was anxiety-inducing for users, well the name and the fact it had been such a poor experience for years. Early on we knew WCAG AA was a requirement so my team and I planned screen reader testing from the start. …

Simplified Journey Map image
Simplified Journey Map image

We all know the value Journey Maps can bring to your organization, especially if they haven’t visualized their user journey before. Here are my personal top tips when creating one.


Jay Neighbours

Product Designer–14 West | Owner/Designer–Nature Deserves Better | Co-Founder–JAMSQUAD Cycling

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